Adult Beach Programs

Adult Beach League


Women 2's Mondays

Co-ed 4's Tuesdays

Mens 2's Wednesdays

Co-ed 2's Thursdays

Co-ed 6's and Women 6's Sundays (PA only)


Saskatoon: SaskTel Sports Centre

Regina: University of Regina

Prince Albert: Alfred Jenkins Community Centre

Registration Fee*:

$210/team 2s Division; Register Here

$360/team 4s Division; Register Here 

$440/team 6s Division; Register Here

*Each athlete must also pay an $8 membership fee once for the summer.

Minimum Teams 4 Teams for each Division
Maximum Teams: 20 Teams Saskatoon, 20 Teams PA, 24 teams Regina for each Division
Regular Season Start: Week of May 29th
Regular Season End: Week of July 31st 
Playoff Dates: Weeks of Aug. 14th and 21st
Holidays: Weeks of July 3rd & Aug. 7th (No games this week)

Adult Provincial Championships

Location: SaskTel Sports Centre Beach Courts, Saskatoon

Men 2s; Saturday, Aug. 12th

Women 2s; Sunday, Aug. 13th

Minimum Teams: 4 Teams per gender
Maximum Teams: 16 Teams per gender
Prize Money:  $1,000 - 1st Place; $500 - 2nd Place; $250 - 3rd Place

Entry and Registration for Provincials

*Top 3 Regular Season teams in Regina + Saskatoon and Top 2 Regular Season teams in PA for Men 2s and Women 2s League may receive a free entry into Adult Provincials, plus a $50 gas subsidy (if travel is required).

*Teams must be registered for Adult Provincials by July 14th to qualify to receive the free entry. Teams will not receive the free entry if they are not registered for Adult Provincials by the deadline.

*If a team registered for Adult Provincials qualifies for the free entry, they will be reimbursed the Registration fee in person at Adult Provincials.

*8 other Registration spots per gender are first-come first-serve. A waitlist will be created as necessary in the event a Top team does not register or a team drops out after the deadline.

*No refunds after the Registration Deadline except for waitlist teams that do not participate. *Tournament draws will be communicated Friday, August 4th