Adult Beach Programs

2019 Adult Beach Leagues

Sask Volleyball Leagues


Mondays - Women 2's

Tuesdays - Co-ed 4's

Wednesdays - Men 2's

Thursdays - Co-ed 2's (Coed 6's in PA)


Saskatoon: SaskTel Sports Centre

Regina: University of Regina

Prince Albert: Alfred Jenkins Community Centre

Swift Current: Western Canada Summer Games Beach Courts

Registration Fee*:

Regina, Prince Albert
$210/team 2s Division;

$360/team 4s Division;
$440/team 6s Division; PA Only

$230/team 2s Division;
$390/team 4s Division;

Swift Current
$140/team 2s Division;

$240/team 4s Division;

*Athletes must also pay an $8 membership fee once for the summer.

Minimum Teams 4 Teams for each Division
MaximumTeams: 12 Teams Swift Current, 20 Teams Saskatoon, 20 Teams PA, 24 teams Regina for each Division
Season Start: Week of May 28th
Season End: Week of July 16th.  Playoffs Week of July 23rd and July 30th. 


Other Leagues

Regina Summer Sand Volleyball League


2019 Adult Provincial Championships

Location: University of Regina

Men 2s and Women 2s: Saturday, August 10th - Sunday, August 11th

Registration Fee: $75
Minimum Teams: 4 Teams per gender
Maximum Teams: 16 Teams per gender
Open Competition.
The following teams qualify for an automatic spot in Adult Beach Provincials, based on final standings after their respective Beach League playoffs (these numbers are pending registration for each league in 2019 is similar to 2018)
-Top 3 teams in the Regina Women 2s.
-Top 2 teams in the Saskatoon Men 2s and Saskatoon Women 2s.
-Top 1 team in the Regina Men 2s, Prince Albert Men 2s, Prince Albert Women 2s, Swift
Current Men 2s, Swift Current Women 2s.
Prizes For both Men and Women 2s Provincial Championships:          If 10-16 teams participating in a division:                                    1st - $1,000   2nd - $300   3rd - $200                                            If 4-9 teams participatinng in a division                                      1st - $500   2nd - $150   3rd - $50