2018 Club Guide to be Released September 15th

Sask Volleyball will be releasing the 2018 Club Guide to the public on Friday, September 15th, to be posted on our website and social media.  Included will be some important changes of note...

Official Ball 

Sask Volleyball will continue to use Mikasa as its official ball supplier in 2018.  However the following changes will be made for the following two seasons as we transition away from the MVA200...


12-13UW   Mikasa VUL500

14-16UW and 12-16UM   Mikasa MIP300

17-18UW and 17-18UM   Mikasa MVA200


12-13UW   Mikasa VUL500

14-18UW and 12-18UM   Mikasa MIP300

Police Records Checks

As per the recently revised Sask Volleyball Screening Policy, all Team Personnel (and coach or manager who will be on the court for a team) will need to provide proof of completing a recent Police Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Screen prior to being approved for membership.  Documents can be uploaded as one file during the registration process, or afterwards by email.  Clubs will not be able to register for tournaments until their registration has been approved.

Tournament Dates

13UW - SC#1 Feb 3-4; SC#2 Mar 24-25; Prov Apr 21-22

14UW - SC#1 Feb 10-11; SC#2 Mar 10-11; SC#3 Mar 24-25; Prov Apr 21-22

15UW - SC#1 Jan 27-28; SC#2 Mar 3-4; SC#3 Mar 17-18; Prov Apr 14-15

16UW- SC#1 Jan 27-28; SC#2 Feb 24-25; SC#3 Mar 17-18; Prov Apr 28-29

17UW - SC#1 Feb 10-11; SC#2 Mar 10-11; SC#3 Apr 7-8; Prov May 5-6

18UW - SC#1 Feb 10-11; SC#2 Mar 17-18; SC#3 Apr 7-8; Prov May 5-6

14UM - SC#1 Feb 24-25; SC#2 Apr 7-8; Prov Apr 28-29

16UM - SC#1 Mar 3-4; SC#2 Apr 7-8; Prov Apr 21-22

18UM - SC#1 Mar 3-4; SC#2 Apr 7-8; Prov May 5-6

Locations and details to be released in Club Guide.


Sask Volleyball will not be renewing its partnership with HTG in 2018.  Sask Volleyball will have arranged for hotel blocks for each tournament that each team can choose to use.  All rooms in the block will include breakfast and have been negotiated to be the best possible rate for that location and date.  Sask Volleyball encourages teams to use the tournament hotel block, as it will receive a rebate for all rooms purchased that is put towards the operation costs of hosting events.

Sanctioned Events

Sask Volleyball can begin accepting requests to sanction tournaments and camps on Friday, September 15th.  Click here for the online sanction form.

Tryout Start Date 

Clubs have the option of to sanction tryouts on Sundays starting October 21st, and on any day starting Monday, November 27th.  Clubs may begin registration and practices on Monday, November 27th.

Overhead Pass off Serve

16-18U  teams will be allowed to pass overhead off a serve in the 2018 season.

All other changes and information can be found in the Club Guide.