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2018-19 Membership Fees (Includes GST)

Novice - $20.00

Level 1 (Local) - $48.00 (Volleyball Canada $28.00, Sask Volleyball $20.00)

Level 2 (Provincial) - $53.00 (Volleyball Canada $28.00, Sask Volleyball $25.00)

Level 3 (Regional) - $90.00 (Volleyball Canada $63.00, Sask Volleyball $27.00)

Level 4 (National)- $100.00 (Volleyball Canada $73.00, Sask Volleyball $27.00)

Level 5 (International) - $110.00 (Volleyball Canada $78.00, Sask Volleyball $32.00) 

Uniform Requirements

New uniform will be required as of September 1, 2022. This means, the first VC National Championships requiring the new uniform will be Nationals 2023. 

The one exception to this will be for USport/CCAA Nationals. This event will require the new uniform for 2022 (March 2022).

If a referee doesn't referee outside the province, their existing shirt/uniform will be just fine. There is some old stock on half price on VC site, but, when that is gone, only the new uniform with the new logo will be available.

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