Development Programs (5-12 yrs.)

Saskapalooza – 10-14 yrs.

Saskapalooza is an annual event hosted by Sask Volleyball for boys and girls community groups or school teams across the province in Grades 6-9 to celebrate the sport of volleyball. The two day event includes skills testing, dance and social on the Friday night, followed by matches on the Saturday morning/afternoon.

2017 Date: December 8th-9th at the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre in Saskatoon.

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MINI-VOLLEY – 5-8yrs.

The Mini-Volley program is ideal for students Grades 1-3 but may include Kindergarten. It is also easily adapted for children with special needs. 

Mini-Volley is:

  • An approach to initiating children to the game of volleyball.

  • modified version of the traditional game of volleyball (1 on 1; 2 on 2; 3 on 3)

  • An approach that aims to introduce the game in a fun and interesting way, making it an easy game for teachers/instructors to use.

  • An approach that uses play experience to help children learn the basic game tactics, technical skills, and rules.

Key Components are:

  • Lighter and softer balls.

  • Three stages – Initiation, Development, and Proficiency enhance success of all participants.

Program Delivery Options 

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The Atomic Volleyball program is ideal for students Grades 4-6 but can easily be utilized at the Grade 7-8 levels.

It is a grassroots program, designed for 1-1.5 hour sessions once a week for 8-10 weeks. Each week young athletes are taught basic fundamental skills followed by a 4-on-4 game on lowered nets. Atomic Volleyball stresses FUN, FAIRPLAY, and PARTICIPATION by increasing the number of ball contacts per player, creating longer and more successful rallies, and by developing proper skill delivery.

Atomic Volleyball is an approach by which athletes:

  • Learn the basic skills of volleyball.

  • Practice the skills through modified game play.

  • Use a 4 on 4 format to learn game play.

Equipment is especially designed for youth and the requirements of growing bodies. The game is played using lighter and softer balls on a badminton court, with the net at badminton height (max. 2 meters), and 4 players per side. This gives the athletes maximum opportunity to play the ball and have success. 

The Atomic program provides a background for athletes to continue to play in other Elementary, Intramural, and High School programs.

Program Delivery Options

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Training suggestions: 

Progressions - Game Play – SUMMARY Sheet

Video: Introducing Smashbal